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Pete McCann

Jazz Guitar Virtuoso Pete McCann Unveils ‘Without Question‘: An Inside Look at His Artistic Brilliance

We recently had the privilege of talking to the remarkable jazz guitarist Pete McCann, whose musical prowess and creativity have garnered admiration from audiences worldwide. With an impressive career spanning decades, Pete has established himself as a true virtuoso, exploring various musical landscapes with his versatile playing style. His upcoming new album, Without Question, set…

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Renowned Impresario Charles Carlini Unites Fans and Artists with the Launch of “Charles Carlini Presents”

New York, NY – Renowned impresario Charles Carlini is excited to announce the launch of "Charles Carlini Presents," a new website dedicated to live concerts. With decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Charles Carlini has curated a diverse lineup of extraordinary live performances from artists around the world. "Charles Carlini Presents" aims to connect…

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