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Renowned impresario Charles Carlini is proud to announce the launch of two extraordinary membership programs: Guitar Masters and Piano Jazz. Music enthusiasts will now have the exclusive opportunity to gain access to a series of mind-blowing shows, featuring virtuosic guitarists and accomplished jazz pianists, all at a discounted price. These remarkable events will take place at Zinc, one of New York City’s premier jazz clubs, located at 82 West 3rd Street, New York, NY 10012.

Guitar Jazz Membership
Imagine immersing yourself in a world of guitar virtuosity, where the strings ignite your soul and the music transports you to new dimensions. With the Guitar Masters membership, presented by Charles Carlini, you can make this dream a reality. Members will have priority access, preferred seating, and the flexibility to choose from two enticing options:

  1. Guitar Masters: 10 shows over 6 months for the unbeatable price of $199.
  2. Guitar Masters Deluxe: Indulge in 20 shows over 12 months for only $399.

As an esteemed member, you will receive your own personal QR code, ensuring a seamless entry into each mesmerizing performance. Prepare yourself for unforgettable evenings of musical brilliance at Zinc, where true guitar masters showcase their artistry. Featured guitarists include Peter Bernstein, Jonathan Kreisberg, Sheryl Bailey, and Oz Noy. Elevate your musical experience and reserve your seat in guitar heaven today.

Piano Jazz Series


Piano Jazz Membership
Attention all jazz piano enthusiasts! Brace yourself for an unparalleled journey into the enchanting realm of jazz piano with the Piano Jazz membership, presented by Charles Carlini. Experience the harmonious brilliance of the most accomplished jazz pianists of our time, all at an exceptional discounted price.

Members of the Piano Jazz program will enjoy priority access, preferred seating, and the freedom to choose between two irresistible options:

  1. Piano Jazz: Attend 10 shows over 6 months for just $249.
  2. Piano Jazz Deluxe: Immerse yourself in the ultimate jazz piano extravaganza with 20 shows over 12 months, available at only $499.

To enhance your membership experience, you will receive your very own personal QR code, granting you seamless entry to each captivating performance. Let the keys ignite your soul and embark on a harmonious journey like no other at Zinc. Featured pianists include Alan Broadbent, Leo Genovese, Michael Weiss, David Hazeltine, and Marc Copland.

Join Today
Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your musical experience and join the Guitar Masters or Piano Jazz membership programs, presented by Charles Carlini. Secure your membership now by visiting:

About Charles Carlini Presents
Charles Carlini Presents is the concert division led by impresario Charles Carlini, dedicated to providing exceptional musical experiences. With a passion for showcasing true masters of their craft, Charles Carlini Presents curates unforgettable shows that captivate audiences. The membership programs offer exclusive access, preferred seating, and incredible discounts, ensuring that our members enjoy the best views in the house at Zinc.

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